What is Furoticon Online?

Based on the Furoticon trading card game, Furoticon Online will allow you to compete in climactic matches of up to 8 players from all around the world! Bring your friends and your mates along to see who is the champion of the bedroom. If you’re the last player standing, you win!

While developing this project, we had to consider the following: Should we translate a card game to an online game? Should we just create a simple playmat and make you pretend like you’re playing with real cards?

NO! We will bring EVERY character to life with animated sprites! Your favorite characters will stand in a bedroom of your choosing, waiting patiently to be sent into bed on your command. Our long-term goals include full bed step animations, to bring important harem battles to life!

There will be something for everyone, including a SFW mode that will hide all action with the click of a button. Furoticon Online will also allow you to trade with other harem owners, compete in tournaments, create your own clan with your friends, and so much more!

We would not be where we are today without the support and interest of our many fans. Our 2012 Offbeatr campaign was more successful than we could have anticipated, and we’re excited to be able to make good on our plans and promises.

Follow our progress, read all about it in our news updates, and start to get excited about entering bed on Furoticon Online!