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Reaction chains and clean screens!

We’re going to have a live demo of Furoticon Online at Further Confusion! Because of this, we’re ramping up to get a good visual presentation of Furoticon Online!

Of note, the ability to react wasn’t working in our last update. In Furoticon Online, you can react to your opponent’s moves with certain cards and skills of your own! Your reaction resolves before your opponent’s move resolves. (You can react to your own moves, and your opponent can react to their own moves as well. You can also react to reactions! In that case, the most recently played reaction resolves first, then the next, and so on.)

Reacting is mostly working correctly now! Take a look at this screenshot:

Demonstration of reacting

What’s going on here? I entered bed and reacted by using D-snake’s skill.

How can you tell? Look at where it says “Enter Bed” at the top of the screen. That’s the bottom of the reaction chain. I’ve used D-snake’s skill, which appears on top of my choice to enter bed. Now I have to choose who to target. That’s what the list of cards is all about — I have to choose a target that’s in the scene. Each player may react after I choose my target!

In the previous update, most Furres didn’t have their correct fur colors. Now they do! Things are looking good!

The game screen is still missing a lot of vital information, like Furre names and stamina bars. There’s also a few menus where you have to blindly guess what you’re supposed to do. Alterations and skills are still invisible, but will eventually appear as icons next to a Furre. Cards that require you to target something on the couch don’t work — they lock up the game. But most of the gameplay is functional now!

I played through a whole game, testing lots of unusual plays and bringing out a lot of Furres. What I like the most is how the game screen doesn’t get cluttered. Even if you bring out an absurd number of Furres, the bedroom looks very neat:

Displaying many furres
Guys vs. Gals! Can you name them all?

If you can identify most of these characters in this small screenshot, then the art team has done their job correctly! (You might mix up The Hetero and The Gay, but in animated form, you most certainly won’t!)

When you zoom out fully, you’ll see that Havens, Treats, and couches appear as small icons behind the armies of Furres. They’re not as important as Furres, but it’s handy to know what your opponent has.

And that’s about it. Once we fix a number of visual issues and known bugs, we’ll be starting our first closed alpha test with a few hand-picked testers. We’ll probably find hundreds of bugs to fix! I’m excited to see it all finally come together!

Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Further Confusion next weekend!