Game Progress

Beta Goals
  • Create a new Furoticon Online account.
  • Log in and out of Furoticon Online.
  • Home screen news ticker & current players online list.
  • A “quick-play” option to play immediately.
100% Goals
  • Level up and gain new perks by playing in ranked games.
  • Customize a public profile page.
Beta Goals
  • Play a game of Furoticon.
  • Choose a sexy bedroom scene.
  • Options available, like a SFW button.
  • Countdown timers keep things moving.
  • A how-to-play tutorial.
  • The gameplay looks attractive; basic animations.
100% Goals
  • Multiplayer play.
  • Full avatar animations.
  • Game replays.
  • Game chat modes.
Beta Goals
  • Artwork for Base Species.
  • Artwork for Clothing, Accessories, etc.
  • Color Palettes.
  • User Interface art.
100% Goals
  • Artwork for Customized Avatars.
100% Goals
  • Title theme.
  • Individual themes for each bedroom scene.
  • Sound effects for in-game play, button, interaction, etc.
Beta Goals
  • View deck collection in card or sprite form.
  • Create, save, load, share, and comment on decks.
  • Open Starter Decks and Booster Packs.
100% Goals
  • Trade decks/cards.
  • Build decks for limited-style tournaments.
Beta Goals
  • Play randomly paired games.
100% Goals
  • Open your own custom game table.
  • Play in tournaments.
100% Goals
  • Buy cards from the card shop.
  • Buy avatar items & bedroom scenes from the avatar shop.
  • Customize avatars using clothing, accessories, etc.
  • Gift items to other players at point of purchase.
Beta Goals
  • Market functionality is fully planned out.
100% Goals
  • Search for cards/decks.
  • Sell personal cards/decks.
  • 100% Market capability will be available post-Beta release.
Beta Goals
  • Clan functionality is fully planned out.
100% Goals
  • Create and join Clans.
  • Appoint Clan Leaders.
  • Join a private Clan Chat, message board, etc.
  • 100% Clan capability will be available post-Beta release.
Beta Goals
  • Chat functionality is fully planned out.
100% Goals
  • Trade decks/cards.
  • Additional options for chat rooms (invite, friend, etc).
  • 100% Chat capability will be available post-Beta release.