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Furoticon Online is dead; Tail Kiss Studio closing.

First off, we have a new game that’s ready to play:
It’s a free-to-play dating sim / mystery game, and it has over one year of content available, and it will be available for at least the next four years. 🙂
Now, on to the somber news:

The Furoticon Online project is dead.

If you supported us at a reward tier that we were unable to meet, you’ve been refunded your pledge DOUBLE in Furos. (Store credit.) The reason we can only refund you in store credit is because all the money is gone.

I would like to thank you all for believing in us. Ultimately, the project failed because of my management decisions — I chose a development team that appeared competent on the surface, but was far more clueless than I could have imagined, and I kept giving them slack when I should have reeled them in long ago. And for that, I’m sorry.

We found experts who have worked with games before — artists, consultants, and (supposedly) developers. The game had evolved from a simple wireframe to a perfectly structured experience based on heavy UI testing and consultant feedback. Everything was moving along smoothly, except the developers’ progress. Our first milestone was to have a playable alpha within 6 months. It didn’t occur until 12 months, and when the developers pulled off the curtain, the game wasn’t even playable.

I was speechless. I asked them how it had worked for them, and I got very vague answers. I should have figured something was up, but in an effort to remain calm, I avoided asking straight up: “Did you even playtest this at all?”

Then came drama about how they were sub-leasing our contract to a third party to do unit testing, and then attempting to bill us for it, which we put a stop to right away. Development continued, but it was very obvious that nothing was being playtested.

I wrote a comprehensive document about how every card is supposed to function, even breaking down the rules text into “instruction bits.” For example, look at Extra Innings:


This card has three “instruction bits:”

1) Set all Furres to refreshed; FILTER: controller of Furre must be the controller of Extra Innings.
2) Add flag “dominant” for all Furres; FILTER: controller of Furre must be the controller of Extra Innings; DEPENDENCY: End of turn.
3) Add maximum bed steps modifier; VALUE: +1; FILTER: player must be the controller of Extra Innings; DEPENDENCY: End of turn.

Everything was spelled out, complete with “when is this modifier / flag / setting checked?” Triggers were fully documented, replacement effects, etc.

There should have been very few questions about what was supposed to happen, but 12 months into the project, I was getting questions like, “What does refreshed even mean?” (“It means you can use skills and game moves that require the Furre to exhaust”) and “Can I just make “entered bed” a flag that’s either true or false, and make this card set it to false?” (“No, because if someone uses the card before their first bed step, they wouldn’t get a second bed step if we went with your idea.”)

I documented exactly how everything was supposed to work, and they somehow always got it wrong. Dominant and submissive did nothing. Multi-orgasmic didn’t place the Furre on the couch. AP wasn’t even counted correctly. Genders and GP costs were mis-assigned all over the place. It was a trainwreck. And yet somehow I believed in them. I’m a developer as well. (The entire website was hand-coded by me, excluding the forum and the wiki. But I modified code to make it so you’d log into the forum when you logged into

In other words, I could have quit my dayjob and done it all by myself, and we’d have a fully-working Furoticon Online.

Charles-Guillaume Étienne penned the phrase “On n’est jamais servi si bien que par soi-même,” which has widely been translated as “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” But on the flip-side: you can’t do it all alone, and you need to learn to trust others to do things for you. You need to learn to give up control. I gave up a little too much control, though.

For reference, the Furoticon College Adventure was coded entirely by me. It was nearly ready for launch in 2013, but Furoticon Online ate through our lives and budget so badly that it got pushed to the backlog until now.

Where did the money go?

What it look liked we raised: $40,591

What we had left over after Offbeatr fees and state/federal taxes: $25,000 something


How much we paid the developers: $22,824.75

How much we paid out in art: $5000+

Consultation/management: $3000 + extra for meetings

The developers burned through their entire cash pile in the first few months. They were asking for more money before they even had a login system working. They missed every milestone. They failed to attend meetings. They roleplayed in meetings. DX

Furoticon Online nearly bankrupted Tail Kiss Studio. As it is, we’re a few months away from paying off all the debt we accrued from trying to bring you Furoticon Online.

I’m sorry to have personally failed all our supporters and players. This isn’t on you; it’s on me. And I hope we can move on to better games from here.

Where do we go from here?

I have a few things left to do before closing up Tail Kiss Studio:

1) Update the rules wiki for Climax.

2) Add Climax cards to the card spoiler.

3) Launch the full-set binder sale.

4) Release Climax 2 as a print-and-play set.

5) A few odds and ends. And maybe a pleasant surprise or two.

Print and play?

Our budget is nonexistent now. Climax is pulling us the final feet out of the hole that Furoticon Online made. We got partially through Climax 2’s art budget before realizing that we had no money left.

As such, we can’t justify bringing you the final two decks as a fully packaged deal with incomplete or shoddy art. For our supporters who want to play with these final four decks and see the endings to the Triskelion and Vell’s End storylines, we will be making print-and-play versions. I may even find an on-demand printer who you can order the decks from, but I have no promises in that regard.

Tail Kiss Studio was a wild ride of ups and and downs. I never expected the studio to be this successful, not did I expect to have to close the studio. Thank you all for your wonderful support.

As we sell out of physical product, the website will remain up for as long as digital items support the minimal server costs.

Moving on from here

I can’t stop making games. It’s my favorite hobby. As such, when I release a new game, I’ll let you all know!

New games won’t be under the Tail Kiss Studio flag, though. Adult & porn games are fun to make, but I’ve had my fill (heh, heh) and I’m ready to move on to more serious / g-rated projects.

(Side note for Cataro fans: Developement died on Cataro when I encountered a game-breaking bug with object pooling that I can’t figure out. The game needs maybe 100 more hours of work before being released, but if anyone is very familiar with object pooling in Unity and is up for a debugging Skype chat with me, send me a PM.)

(Side note for Disaster Labs fans: Disaster Labs is dead. Nobody on the old DL team wants to bring back anything. I was never the IP holder of any DL content; only a developer. So Disaster Labs is dead, forever. Sorry.)

That’s about it!

Thanks for everything,


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We’re adding new developers!

In order to get Furoticon Online released by the end of June this year, we’re adding new developers to the team! With their assistance, we can push past our final milestones and have a timely release!

Keep in mind that this will be a beta release. That means that all of our planned features will not be included. And some things might not look pretty. On the positive side, it works as intended, and it doesn’t crash. (And if it does somehow crash, we have an easy way to report bugs!)

My thanks go out to all of you for your continued patience!

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Moving forward toward beta — the final to-do list!

We’ve got some great news for everyone! We’re done with fixing bugs! There are still bugs in the game, but they’re mostly minor enough that it would be silly for us to delay the beta release in order to fix them.

What’s left?

There’s two steps left before we’re ready for beta:

  1. Implement two final cards into gameplay (Lucas and Rose, and Redirection)
  2. Finish the card shop.

We’ve greatly scaled back our goals for beta from our original plan. This means that you’ll be able to play Furoticon Online, but it won’t look pretty. We wanted to include a better targeting system, predictive pleasure levels in bed to show your harem’s combined pleasure total, and tooltips for everything, but while these would be nice to have, they’re not necessary to get you to start playing.

Furoticon Online will be ready for beta launch in the first half of 2016. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a more specific time. It won’t take longer than five months, though!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years! We’ve learned a lot throughout this project.

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There’s only 43 bugs remaining!

There’s only 43 bugs remaining!

With 12 bugs smashed since the last update, an additional 9 bugs showed up. For those following along, here’s a full update to the complete list of bugs!

The Bug List

(Serious bugs are in bold text. New bugs are marked with “NEW.”)


  • Bug #922 – Theft of the Rabbit doesn’t work.
  • Bug #1042 – Implement reaction defaults.
  • Bug #1101 – Inablitiy to select Furres to enter bed at certain times.
  • Bug #601 – Visual resource discrepancy (Intermittent / Cannot Reproduce)
  • Bug #689 – Action list suddenly moved to the right upon starting a turn (Intermittent / Cannot Reproduce)
  • Bug #671 – Give unique names to Furres in the scene (Sweet Sue A, Sweet Sue B, etc.)
  • Bug #901 – The following cards need to be implemented: Beastrider, Lucas and Rose, The Grapevine, Togetherness, Yarl the Voyeur
  • NEW Bug #1073 – Putting about 50 Furres into bed soft-locks the game.
  • NEW Bug #1079 – If both sides mulligan and the second player gets the first turn, the second player will start their first turn with 0 AP instead of 5 AP.
  • NEW Bug #1135 – If you accidentally select the wrong Furres to enter bed, you should be able to remove Furres from bed before clicking “Done.”
  • NEW Bug #715 – We’ve identified a few fixes that will make the bed step flow smoother


  • Bug #1090 – Add “minimize/maximize” button to the player’s hand.
  • Bug #665 – Disallow login in multiple locations
  • Bug #881 – Deckbuilder: Auto-sort cards in a deck by card type
  • Bug #701 – View cards instead of sprites – mode change option
  • Bug #756 – Unusual Copy/paste behavior
  • Bug #758 – When a skill asks to name a card, add a text box to filter down card names
  • Bug #34 – Server support for adding friends and sharing decks
  • Bug #589 – Deckbuilder: Auto-save / warnings when closing the window
  • Bug #610 – Changing decks in deckbuilder causes the client to lag for a few seconds before switching.


  • Bug #30 – Missing an art asset
  • Bug #1059 – Action choice intermittently flickers when mouse pointer sits between two choices.
  • Bug #1065 – “View Collection” skills and flavor are in the wrong spots.
  • Bug #1108 – Card corners – minor aesthetic visual issue with major complexity to fix.
  • Bug #1113 – Show costs of activated skills
  • Bug #1114 – Differently colored stamina meter for Multi-orgasmic Furres’ first time in the scene.
  • Bug #707 – Show usernames in chat, etc. instead of “Player A” & “Player B”
  • Bug #717 – Add visual representations of furre pleasure, exhaustion, and orgasming. Add other visual elements to polish gameplay.
  • Bug #785 – Deckbuilder: If you click the filter buttons really fast a bunch of times, the spacing of the card list might glitch for a moment
  • Bug #23 – Visual consistency for button hover states
  • Bug #613 – Show invalid decks (grayed out) during bedroom selection
  • Bug #615 – Unique tab names for bedrooms
  • Bug #630 – Linux – Unity window graphical error – ‘dwm tiling manager’
  • Bug #631 – Linux – Resolution and collision box issues
  • Bug #674 – Alt-Enter / Fullscreen causes issues
  • Bug #678 – Add timestame to chat messages
  • NEW Bug #1127 – Sometimes, Furres will bunch themselves together on the screen, making it hard to read their stats.
  • NEW Bug #1128 – Sometimes, if you go to another tab in FurO, then return to your game tab, your cards in hand will flicker for one frame.
  • NEW Bug #1130 – Add tooltips to cards
  • NEW Bug #1131 – Camera zoom issue

ETC (2)

  • Bug #660 – Remove unused art assets from client builds
  • NEW Bug #32 – Need a Terms and Conditions page.

Blasted Bugs (12)

  • Fix #604 – Added icons to the Refresh / Don’t Refresh option box
  • Fix #712 – In-game timer now shows
  • Fix #1115 – Missed an art asset
  • Fix #1116 – Corrected AP cost for Mage, Keeper of Tomes
  • Fix #1118 – Visual scrollbar issue fixed
  • Fix #1104 – Fix Aurora’s sprite
  • Fix #784 – Letter not longer get lost in the scaling of text.
  • Fix #688 – Up and Down Arrow keys in bug report window no longer cause cursor to jump multiple lines, instead of moving one line
  • Fix #605 – Bug report window gained a scrollbox
  • Fix #609 – Deleted decks are now removed immediately.
  • Fix #1091 – The active player must no longer press Pass (or React) twice when making said selection.
  • Fix #1097 – The inactive player’s Forfeit button works.

So what does it all mean?

Not all of these bugs will be fixed before the beta release. For example, a lot of the “Visual” bugs are very minor and they don’t affect a lot of players.

Furoticon Online will be ready for beta launch in the first half of 2016. After its release, we wil be focusing on completing all the features we promised.

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!

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77 bugs remain!

Only 77 bugs left! In the span of one month, we’ve nearly cut our buglist in half.

To call it a “buglist” is a little misleading, since it includes bugs, suggestions, and anything in between:

  • 34 gameplay bugs
  • 10 card-specific issues
  • 8 server bugs
  • 2 weird behaviors
  • 3 bugs that only occur if you’re using Linux
  • 1 issue requiring my input
  • 2 issues requiring art assets
  • 17 inconveniences / suggestions

Why so many inconveniences and suggestions? Well, we’re redesigning some key parts of gameplay to improve your experience! Here are a few examples:

  • A hand of cards! Originally, instead of a hand of cards, you had a list of all the cards in your hand. You would clicked on a card’s name in the list to play it. While it made things efficient to have every game action in one spot, it didn’t feel like a “game.” So we fixed it!
  • Buttons for common actions! That list I just mentioned? It also contained “Draw a card,” “Enter Bed,” and “End Your Turn.” Now you have pretty icons to click on!
  • A better targeting system! For some reason, when you select a target, we thought you needed a box with a list of all your possible targets, and you click on an item in the list to target it. Well, forget that box! Now you just click on the thing you want to target! What a novel concept.

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!