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Big gameplay update! Lots of pictures!

We have a big update today with lots of restored functionality!

Let’s start a new game. I’ll be playing against myself in this example game. Both of us will be using Male starter decks.

The first thing I see makes me very happy:

Opening Hand
I can see my opening hand!

Not only can I see my opening hand, but the decks are randomized again! I get a different opening hand every time.

I begin the game, and immediately I see lots of improvements:

Bedroom Layout

In the far left of the bedroom scene, you can see a placeholder area for where Havens and Treats will go. Your personal avatar will stand in front of that area. Furres are the most important part of Furoticon, so we’ve reserved the rest of the screen for them!

The turn counter says it’s “Turn 0,” but everything below that is new: there’s a heart icon to mark whose turn it is to act, and everyone’s stamina is displayed in this box.

To the right of that box, you can see that chat is working! You can talk (I said “Toast”) -AND- it describes everything that is happening. We’ll fine-tune what the messages say once everything else is working.

The action bar in the far left shows that I can play Dicks Everywhere, Outer Moorlands, and Moorlands. Let’s play Dicks Everywhere.

Selecting a Home Haven

Wow, look at that! I’m able to pick out any Home Haven from my black book! There’s a bit of a visual error in that the cards don’t disappear when they’re outside the selection box, but I can scroll the list just by moving my mouse to the side. I can click on any Home Haven to take it, or I can click “Force Done” to choose nothing.

Hmm, what happens if I play a Carriage Horse?

Playing Carriage Horse

Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that! Hey there, Carriage Horse! His tail wags and his face animates! That’s really cool! He’s missing all his stat bars, but we’re making progress here!

I’m going to fast-forward a bit to my next turn, and swing with the Carriage Horse. The first thing you do when swinging is choose which opponent you’re swinging at. In a 2-player game, this should just be automatic, but we get this screen:

Choosing the Opponent

That’s a placeholder image for your opponent. I click on it, and the game knows I want to swing at my opponent!

In the action bar, I can click on “Swing: Carriage Horse” to swing with the Carriage Horse. The opposing side has no Furres to put out with, so we’ll skip to giving pleasure to the player!

There’s no visuals for this part, but the chat window shows what happened:

Viewing results of a swing in the chat window

The line “SeppelK swings with” is listed twice, even though I swung with only one Furre. The line that says “Carriage Horse @ ATTACKING –Herm{4}–>>” shows that the game is correctly using Carriage Horse’s highest PE (in this case, Herm is the highest with 4) to give 4 pleasure to the opponent. You can also see to the right-hand side that the opponent’s stamina has dropped to 46 of 50 stamina.
On my next turn, I’m able to refresh my Furres:

Pass or Refresh Dialogue

I don’t like that “Pass” is the first option, since you’ll almost always want to refresh. But I can confirm that both choices work correctly!

Fast forwarding, I’ve played some more Havens, and I gave my opponent a chance to get some Furres into the scene.

Let’s try an Action card now. Bury the Bone gives a Furre +5 to Male and Female PE:

Playing an Action on a Furre

Uh oh, we have a problem here. It’s only letting me target my own Furre. 99% of the time, I will only want to target my own Furre, but I should be able to make sub-optimal choices. There’s also no way to distinguish which Furre is which yet, in the case of duplicate Furres entering the scene. (If my opponent also had a Carriage Horse, I wouldn’t know which one I was targeting!)

I swing with the Carriage Horse (now that he’s got his bone going) and I let the pleasure go through to the opponent. Bury the Bone is functioning correctly:

Result of applying Bury the Bone to Carriage Horse

The opponent isn’t getting hit with 4 pleasure from the Herm PE; this time, we’re giving 8 pleasure from the Male PE!

Now I want to test if the PE bonus is going away on the next turn. I also want to test Furre-on-Furre pleasure. My opponent and I both have Carriage Horses in the scene now, so I’m swinging with mine, and my opponent puts out with his.

Effects of Bury the Bone disappear the next turn

The “defending” Carriage Horse gives 3 pleasure to the “attacking” Carriage Horse, and vice versa! Looks like everything works just fine!

…almost. I entered bed with the Carriage Horses again to see what happens when they orgasm. At first, it looked like nothing happened, but things were happening behind the scenes. Both Carriage Horses went to the couch — but the game does’t visually display that fact.

Let’s try drawing past our maximum hand, and being forced to discard.

Discarding a card
The Hetero and The Gay have their avatars, but their colors haven’t been set yet.

We have another problem, but it’s not a very obvious problem: instead of discarding at end of turn, you can discard at any time, as long as you have more cards than your maximum. This causes some subtle but exploitable effects on gameplay that are too techincal to describe here.

Here’s another oddity, this time, when I play Thrust:

Viewing valid targets for Thrust

I should be able to target any opponent or any Furre (even my own — hitting my own Furres with Thrust usually isn’t a good play, but there are some corner cases when it would be to my benefit). However, in the picture above, I’m only able to target my opponent or his Furre.

Let’s take a look at how the game has progressed!

Multiple Furres on the field
Furres everywhere! Some are still waiting on their correct colors.


Now, let’s have an epic dick-orgy!

Swinging with five Furres
I’m going to swing with all my Furres!

Let’s swing with 5 Furres! Our opponent puts out with 2 Furres. This means our opponent should be able to choose 2 of my 5 Furres to give pleasure to:

Choosing who to pleasure

Here’s where things get confusing. You click on which Furres you want to pleasure, but nothing seems to happen. However, things ARE happening! The most recent two Furres that you clicked on are the ones you’ve chosen. You have to click “Force Done” in the bottom left corner to finalize your selection.

Let’s see what happened! There’s no visual change in the bedroom scene, but we can figure out what happened thanks to the chat window:

Result of the bed step

There’s more text than that, but the bed step looks like it’s working properly!

I also played Moneymoon (gives all my Male Furres +5 Max stamina), and it worked correctly.

Let’s finish up this game and see if winning a game works correctly!

The Opponent wins

The opponent won! The game doesn’t let you know that the game is over, but you can’t click on anything any more. Even “Force Done” won’t do anything. So we just have to assume the game is over!

The developers have made a lot of progress! Aside from a few game-breaking bugs, most of the work that remains is in making the visuals behave correctly. After that, all they need to do is make the shop, so players can get their cards and customize their avatars!

So, that’s it for today! Did I forget anything regarding gameplay? Is there anything you’d like me to test next time? Respond in the comments!

Thank you all for your support!