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77 bugs remain!

Only 77 bugs left! In the span of one month, we’ve nearly cut our buglist in half.

To call it a “buglist” is a little misleading, since it includes bugs, suggestions, and anything in between:

  • 34 gameplay bugs
  • 10 card-specific issues
  • 8 server bugs
  • 2 weird behaviors
  • 3 bugs that only occur if you’re using Linux
  • 1 issue requiring my input
  • 2 issues requiring art assets
  • 17 inconveniences / suggestions

Why so many inconveniences and suggestions? Well, we’re redesigning some key parts of gameplay to improve your experience! Here are a few examples:

  • A hand of cards! Originally, instead of a hand of cards, you had a list of all the cards in your hand. You would clicked on a card’s name in the list to play it. While it made things efficient to have every game action in one spot, it didn’t feel like a “game.” So we fixed it!
  • Buttons for common actions! That list I just mentioned? It also contained “Draw a card,” “Enter Bed,” and “End Your Turn.” Now you have pretty icons to click on!
  • A better targeting system! For some reason, when you select a target, we thought you needed a box with a list of all your possible targets, and you click on an item in the list to target it. Well, forget that box! Now you just click on the thing you want to target! What a novel concept.

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!