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202 bugs remain!

We’re making progress!

There’s still a lot of issues to fix, but we’re still working hard on Furoticon Online!

Because the list of bugs is still rather large, it’s hard to give you a bird’s-eye view of what we still have to work on. For now, though, I can describe what we’ve accomplished in the past 36 days!

Most importantly, the list of bugs has dropped from 305 bugs to 202 bugs. That’s 103 issues resolved! Here’s a breakdown of the categories of fixes:

  • 71 errors with cards fixed (for example: incorrect stats, or skills that weren’t working correctly)
  • 13 usability issues resolved (for example: the game won’t crash on startup if it can’t connect to the server, or increased text size on certain menus)
  • 9 errors with visual appearance fixed (for example: incorrect flavor text, or incorrectly listed AP cost)
  • 5 reports that were duplicates of other bugs were removed
  • 2 errors with basic gameplay mechanics fixed (how to cause a game to be a draw, and how to react to cards)
  • 2 UI suggestions implemented (updated Treat/Action/Haven icons, and updated mouse wheel functionality)
  • 1 weird bug fixed (could sometimes be unable to put out (defend))

The art team is also working on clothing sprites!

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!