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Results of the 2nd Alpha Test!

We just finished our 2nd Alpha Test! The result? Bugs, bugs galore!
We gathered approximately 300 bug reports in total. Here are some examples:

Bug Reports

300 bugs may seem like a lot, but this number also includes minor issues like “Thrust is missing its Action icon” and suggestions like “When building a deck that you haven’t saved, prompt the player to save when closing the deckbuilder tab.” Some reports are also duplicates — different testers found the same bug!

This bug list gives us a perfect gauge of how much more work needs to be done before Furoticon Online is released! Previously, we couldn’t give you a definite metric on what needs to be done before you can play Furoticon Online, but now we can.

In other words, since almost everything already exists in Furoticon Online, there’s only two steps left before we have a beta release:

1. Fix 300 bugs.

2. Implement and test the card/avatar shop, and fix any resulting bugs.

This sounds pretty simplistic, though obviously there’s going to be plenty for our developers to do and us to test! We’ll continue to keep you all updated on our progress!