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Signing into Furoticon Online

Hello, everyone!

We’d like to take a moment to thank our Webmaster, Mahsroh as our Webmaster so we can update it more easily. You rock!

Moving on! Today I’m going to talk about your first time signing into Furoticon Online! Getting set up is very easy! Just to be clear, the following screenshots are from actual gameplay:

Furoticon Online Login Screen

This is the login screen, where your adventure begins! If you already have a Furoticon account, you can simply log in, and start getting set up. But if you don’t, that’s no problem! Just click on “I’m a new player” and you’ll be taken to the account creation box.

Furoticon Online Account Creation

Offbeatr supporters won’t have to see this box, since they all have Furoticon accounts. I just wanted to show you how easy it is for all your friends to hop into Furoticon Online: just a username, email, and password! (And, of course, they have to be 18+ and agree to the terms of service.)

Whether you login or you create an account, you’ll be taken to the Character Creation screen!

This is what it would’ve looked like if I had designed it:

Furoticon Online Character Creation - Seppel Version

Here’s what it looks like now:

Furoticon Online Character Creation

Neat! But where are the avatar pictures?

The art development team is finishing up the player avatars at this time. The last step will be to add them to this screen.

The Character Creation screen is very easy to use: Pick an avatar, pick a starting deck, and optionally give your character a brief description. Then you can play!

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice a tab architecture. We want you to be able to explore Furoticon Online as easily as possible, so you can swap between chats, games, and other areas just by clicking on a tab! The gear icon on the left lets you log out, and the “Coming Soon” button on the far right will take you to the store as soon as it’s ready.

Aside from adding the avatars, the Character Creation screen is complete!

Next week, we’ll explore the main menu!

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Weekly Updates Starting Now!

Greetings! I’m going to start doing weekly updates about Furoticon Online progress! If you’ve been following along with our OffBeatr updates over the last few weeks, this update will look very familiar!

The Furoticon Online team is still alive and working on the project. We haven’t meant to be silent on updates over the last few months, we’ve just been waiting for some siginificant progress to take place on the project. I know it’s the same thing we’ve been saying for a while now, but the backend of the project is just not easy to update on, and it’s taking our Developers more time that we had ever originally planned on to work their way through our goals.

We’re in the process of updating our Progress Bars. I’ll be tackling each one and showing you how far we’ve come since embarking on this ambitious project.

Let’s start with the basics.

This is where we were 9 months ago:

Furoticon Online Basics  20%

I’ve completed most of my work with Furoticon Online. I’ll get into detail what I was responsible for in a future article. Currently I test new builds as they’re delivered to me, and I find out what’s working and what isn’t working.

My specialty is in making things functional. Sadly, I’m not good at graphic design, and a LOT of what goes into making Furoticon is graphical in nature! In fact, this was my suggested design for the Furoticon Online login screen:

Furoticon Online Login Screen - Seppel Version
This looks totally legit, guys…

…and that’s what Furoticon Online would’ve looked like if I were in charge of it all. Thankfully, I’m not!

We reached out and brought on a fantastic artistic team to turn the above picture into a login screen that’s worthy of Furoticon Online:

Furoticon Online Login Screen

I think it looks beautiful. And that’s just the login screen!

We want you to get into the game as fast as possible — in the “Player Login” box, you can see that all you need to do is use your Furoticon account to login! If you ever forget your password, you can click the “Forgot Password” button to reset it right away! You can even click “Remember me” so you don’t need to ever remember that silly password again!

There’s also the “I’m a new player!” button at the bottom. If you don’t have a Furoticon account, you can just click that button to create one and hop into Furoticon Online in less than a minute!
Above the “Player Login” area, there’s two gray buttons that will be removed in the final version. They’re there just for testing purposes.

In the upper-right corner, you can see the current version number (not terribly important except for us nerds), and in the bottom-left corner, you can see just how popular Furoticon Online is! One million online already! And it isn’t even in beta yet!

Just kidding. <3 With that, I'm happy to say that the Furoticon Online Basics are done! Furoticon Online Basics - Ready for Beta!

Next week, we’ll explore where all these login options take us!