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We’re adding new developers!

In order to get Furoticon Online released by the end of June this year, we’re adding new developers to the team! With their assistance, we can push past our final milestones and have a timely release!

Keep in mind that this will be a beta release. That means that all of our planned features will not be included. And some things might not look pretty. On the positive side, it works as intended, and it doesn’t crash. (And if it does somehow crash, we have an easy way to report bugs!)

My thanks go out to all of you for your continued patience!

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Moving forward toward beta — the final to-do list!

We’ve got some great news for everyone! We’re done with fixing bugs! There are still bugs in the game, but they’re mostly minor enough that it would be silly for us to delay the beta release in order to fix them.

What’s left?

There’s two steps left before we’re ready for beta:

  1. Implement two final cards into gameplay (Lucas and Rose, and Redirection)
  2. Finish the card shop.

We’ve greatly scaled back our goals for beta from our original plan. This means that you’ll be able to play Furoticon Online, but it won’t look pretty. We wanted to include a better targeting system, predictive pleasure levels in bed to show your harem’s combined pleasure total, and tooltips for everything, but while these would be nice to have, they’re not necessary to get you to start playing.

Furoticon Online will be ready for beta launch in the first half of 2016. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a more specific time. It won’t take longer than five months, though!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years! We’ve learned a lot throughout this project.

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There’s only 43 bugs remaining!

There’s only 43 bugs remaining!

With 12 bugs smashed since the last update, an additional 9 bugs showed up. For those following along, here’s a full update to the complete list of bugs!

The Bug List

(Serious bugs are in bold text. New bugs are marked with “NEW.”)


  • Bug #922 – Theft of the Rabbit doesn’t work.
  • Bug #1042 – Implement reaction defaults.
  • Bug #1101 – Inablitiy to select Furres to enter bed at certain times.
  • Bug #601 – Visual resource discrepancy (Intermittent / Cannot Reproduce)
  • Bug #689 – Action list suddenly moved to the right upon starting a turn (Intermittent / Cannot Reproduce)
  • Bug #671 – Give unique names to Furres in the scene (Sweet Sue A, Sweet Sue B, etc.)
  • Bug #901 – The following cards need to be implemented: Beastrider, Lucas and Rose, The Grapevine, Togetherness, Yarl the Voyeur
  • NEW Bug #1073 – Putting about 50 Furres into bed soft-locks the game.
  • NEW Bug #1079 – If both sides mulligan and the second player gets the first turn, the second player will start their first turn with 0 AP instead of 5 AP.
  • NEW Bug #1135 – If you accidentally select the wrong Furres to enter bed, you should be able to remove Furres from bed before clicking “Done.”
  • NEW Bug #715 – We’ve identified a few fixes that will make the bed step flow smoother


  • Bug #1090 – Add “minimize/maximize” button to the player’s hand.
  • Bug #665 – Disallow login in multiple locations
  • Bug #881 – Deckbuilder: Auto-sort cards in a deck by card type
  • Bug #701 – View cards instead of sprites – mode change option
  • Bug #756 – Unusual Copy/paste behavior
  • Bug #758 – When a skill asks to name a card, add a text box to filter down card names
  • Bug #34 – Server support for adding friends and sharing decks
  • Bug #589 – Deckbuilder: Auto-save / warnings when closing the window
  • Bug #610 – Changing decks in deckbuilder causes the client to lag for a few seconds before switching.


  • Bug #30 – Missing an art asset
  • Bug #1059 – Action choice intermittently flickers when mouse pointer sits between two choices.
  • Bug #1065 – “View Collection” skills and flavor are in the wrong spots.
  • Bug #1108 – Card corners – minor aesthetic visual issue with major complexity to fix.
  • Bug #1113 – Show costs of activated skills
  • Bug #1114 – Differently colored stamina meter for Multi-orgasmic Furres’ first time in the scene.
  • Bug #707 – Show usernames in chat, etc. instead of “Player A” & “Player B”
  • Bug #717 – Add visual representations of furre pleasure, exhaustion, and orgasming. Add other visual elements to polish gameplay.
  • Bug #785 – Deckbuilder: If you click the filter buttons really fast a bunch of times, the spacing of the card list might glitch for a moment
  • Bug #23 – Visual consistency for button hover states
  • Bug #613 – Show invalid decks (grayed out) during bedroom selection
  • Bug #615 – Unique tab names for bedrooms
  • Bug #630 – Linux – Unity window graphical error – ‘dwm tiling manager’
  • Bug #631 – Linux – Resolution and collision box issues
  • Bug #674 – Alt-Enter / Fullscreen causes issues
  • Bug #678 – Add timestame to chat messages
  • NEW Bug #1127 – Sometimes, Furres will bunch themselves together on the screen, making it hard to read their stats.
  • NEW Bug #1128 – Sometimes, if you go to another tab in FurO, then return to your game tab, your cards in hand will flicker for one frame.
  • NEW Bug #1130 – Add tooltips to cards
  • NEW Bug #1131 – Camera zoom issue

ETC (2)

  • Bug #660 – Remove unused art assets from client builds
  • NEW Bug #32 – Need a Terms and Conditions page.

Blasted Bugs (12)

  • Fix #604 – Added icons to the Refresh / Don’t Refresh option box
  • Fix #712 – In-game timer now shows
  • Fix #1115 – Missed an art asset
  • Fix #1116 – Corrected AP cost for Mage, Keeper of Tomes
  • Fix #1118 – Visual scrollbar issue fixed
  • Fix #1104 – Fix Aurora’s sprite
  • Fix #784 – Letter not longer get lost in the scaling of text.
  • Fix #688 – Up and Down Arrow keys in bug report window no longer cause cursor to jump multiple lines, instead of moving one line
  • Fix #605 – Bug report window gained a scrollbox
  • Fix #609 – Deleted decks are now removed immediately.
  • Fix #1091 – The active player must no longer press Pass (or React) twice when making said selection.
  • Fix #1097 – The inactive player’s Forfeit button works.

So what does it all mean?

Not all of these bugs will be fixed before the beta release. For example, a lot of the “Visual” bugs are very minor and they don’t affect a lot of players.

Furoticon Online will be ready for beta launch in the first half of 2016. After its release, we wil be focusing on completing all the features we promised.

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!

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77 bugs remain!

Only 77 bugs left! In the span of one month, we’ve nearly cut our buglist in half.

To call it a “buglist” is a little misleading, since it includes bugs, suggestions, and anything in between:

  • 34 gameplay bugs
  • 10 card-specific issues
  • 8 server bugs
  • 2 weird behaviors
  • 3 bugs that only occur if you’re using Linux
  • 1 issue requiring my input
  • 2 issues requiring art assets
  • 17 inconveniences / suggestions

Why so many inconveniences and suggestions? Well, we’re redesigning some key parts of gameplay to improve your experience! Here are a few examples:

  • A hand of cards! Originally, instead of a hand of cards, you had a list of all the cards in your hand. You would clicked on a card’s name in the list to play it. While it made things efficient to have every game action in one spot, it didn’t feel like a “game.” So we fixed it!
  • Buttons for common actions! That list I just mentioned? It also contained “Draw a card,” “Enter Bed,” and “End Your Turn.” Now you have pretty icons to click on!
  • A better targeting system! For some reason, when you select a target, we thought you needed a box with a list of all your possible targets, and you click on an item in the list to target it. Well, forget that box! Now you just click on the thing you want to target! What a novel concept.

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!

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202 bugs remain!

We’re making progress!

There’s still a lot of issues to fix, but we’re still working hard on Furoticon Online!

Because the list of bugs is still rather large, it’s hard to give you a bird’s-eye view of what we still have to work on. For now, though, I can describe what we’ve accomplished in the past 36 days!

Most importantly, the list of bugs has dropped from 305 bugs to 202 bugs. That’s 103 issues resolved! Here’s a breakdown of the categories of fixes:

  • 71 errors with cards fixed (for example: incorrect stats, or skills that weren’t working correctly)
  • 13 usability issues resolved (for example: the game won’t crash on startup if it can’t connect to the server, or increased text size on certain menus)
  • 9 errors with visual appearance fixed (for example: incorrect flavor text, or incorrectly listed AP cost)
  • 5 reports that were duplicates of other bugs were removed
  • 2 errors with basic gameplay mechanics fixed (how to cause a game to be a draw, and how to react to cards)
  • 2 UI suggestions implemented (updated Treat/Action/Haven icons, and updated mouse wheel functionality)
  • 1 weird bug fixed (could sometimes be unable to put out (defend))

The art team is also working on clothing sprites!

Any questions about our progress? Feel free to ask! Thank you!

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Results of the 2nd Alpha Test!

We just finished our 2nd Alpha Test! The result? Bugs, bugs galore!
We gathered approximately 300 bug reports in total. Here are some examples:

Bug Reports

300 bugs may seem like a lot, but this number also includes minor issues like “Thrust is missing its Action icon” and suggestions like “When building a deck that you haven’t saved, prompt the player to save when closing the deckbuilder tab.” Some reports are also duplicates — different testers found the same bug!

This bug list gives us a perfect gauge of how much more work needs to be done before Furoticon Online is released! Previously, we couldn’t give you a definite metric on what needs to be done before you can play Furoticon Online, but now we can.

In other words, since almost everything already exists in Furoticon Online, there’s only two steps left before we have a beta release:

1. Fix 300 bugs.

2. Implement and test the card/avatar shop, and fix any resulting bugs.

This sounds pretty simplistic, though obviously there’s going to be plenty for our developers to do and us to test! We’ll continue to keep you all updated on our progress!

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Solving problems and getting ready for testing!

Three weeks ago, we did our first live demo at Further Confusion in San Jose, CA. We demonstrated that the system was working well, and we had a lot of fun showing off gameplay. I also popped into the deck editor and showed off all the Furre avatars in the game!

Since then, the developers have been working hard to make sure every card functions correctly during the course of gameplay. Notably, I learned that there were two cards from our 2nd Vanilla expansion set that the developers had missed implementing into Furoticon Online — Redirection and Lucas and Rose, and I have assisted with making those cards work correctly.


Redirection targets a card that’s been played but hasn’t resolved yet. When you play a card, you don’t follow the rules right away — first it goes onto a “stack” where players can react to it by playing cards and skills on top of your card, then you resolve the cards and skills from top to bottom. Most skills that say “target” will target something that’s active in the scene – such as a Furre – but it’s perfectly fine for a skill to target another skill (provided that the other skill hasn’t resolved or been removed from the stack of skills being played). Denial skills do this all the time. Redirection does it as well.

The particular situation with Redirection is that it causes a change to a target or choice made by a player. When playing Furoticon in real life, this is pretty easy to do — just say what you’re choosing. But when it comes to an online game, where the system has to govern every possibility imaginable, it becomes a headache.

Cards and skills in Furoticon have a cost and an effect. The cost usually requires payment of resources. Choosing targets can also be part of a cost. The effect of a skill allows you to do something or get something for the cost you paid. Making choices can also be part of an effect.

What’s the difference between choosing targets and making choices? Choosing a target is the act of picking an object in the game (Furre, player, card, etc.). Some objects are Elusive, which means they’re immune to being targeted. On the other hand, making a choice is generally involves a decision about intangible aspects of the game (choose a gender, choose which Furres to pleasure in bed, etc.).

What we’ve learned while developing Furoticon Online is that it’s easy to get the system to change a target, but it’s hard to get it to change a choice. This is based on the timing and intangibility of the game instructions when making a choice. Weighing our options, we decided that it’s best if Redirection received a functional change in Furoticon Online.

Redirection will only allow you change targets, not choices. There’s one other point that factored into this decision: Redirection is rather overpowered for its cost. It’s considered one of the best defense cards in the game. Reducing its power helps to balance the game!

Lucas and Rose

Lucas and Rose have a skill that seems very easy in concept — when they enter bed (either swinging or putting out) you may choose to pay the cost of 4 stamina. If you do, you can make another Furre unable to give pleasure for a turn.

But wait — I just said that you select targets when a skill is played and you make choices when a skill resolves, but this card looks like it makes you do the opposite! How can you select a target if you don’t know if you’re going to pay the 4 stamina?

When do you select targets? When do you make choices?

As it turns out, I had to update the Furoticon Full Rules Document, because the rules of the game didn’t actually explain when during a skill being triggered you are to select targets or make choices! When playing in real life, selecting targets and making choices happens organically and in the rhythm of the game – but the Online system needs everything to happen in a super precise manner.

The Full Rules are for players who want to know everything about a game of Furoticon. With over 1,000 unique cards in the game, really weird things can happen if you combine specific cards. If you need a definitive answer, or you’re judging a tournament, or you just want to geek out, then by all means, read on.

Some skills in Furoticon are triggered skills – you can tell a skill is triggered because it starts with the word “when.” (“When [CONDITION], [EFFECT].”) When the condition is met, the skill goes onto the stack of skills — you can’t ignore it. If you wilfully ignore a triggered skill in Furoticon to gain an advantage, that’s cheating. (Furoticon Online won’t let you cheat!) Players may react by adding other skills on top of the triggered skill, and you resolve their effects from top to bottom.

So we’ve learned that when a trigger’s condition is met, the skill automatically goes onto the stack. But Lucas and Rose’s skill has an optional triggered skill! After thinking on this for a while, I came to a solution that required a new rule be added to the full rules, which should clarify things for both players and the Online system:

Some triggered skills have an optional trigger. (“When [Condition] happens, you may have [Effect] happen” or “When [Condition] happens, you may pay [Cost]. If you do, [Effect].”) Most triggers are mandatory to play, but ones that say “you may” give the skill’s controller the choice of playing the skill, sometimes for a cost that is paid immediately. If the effect of an optional triggered skill requires any number of targets, they are chosen immediately after deciding to use the skill. If multiple triggers would occur simultaneously, first decide whether to play any optional triggers (and pay any cost to use them). Then all played skills may be reacted to as normal.

In other words, at the time that the trigger’s condition is met, you choose whether or not you want to use it. If you do use it, you pay any cost associated with it, you select targets, and it goes on the stack of skills. If you don’t use it, it’s ignored completely — the skill never goes on the stack!

In the case of Lucas and Rose, you get the option to use their skill immediately after putting them into bed. And that’s that!

So, what’s next for us? We’ve assembled a small but dedicated playtesting team who will be helping us perform an alpha test of the current system. In just a few days, we will be spending a full week hammering out bugs on cards and offering suggestions on how to make the interface more user-friendly!

We’re still a while away from an official launch, but I’m getting so excited that we’re making steady progress! My thanks go out to everyone for sticking with us through the past years!

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Reaction chains and clean screens!

We’re going to have a live demo of Furoticon Online at Further Confusion! Because of this, we’re ramping up to get a good visual presentation of Furoticon Online!

Of note, the ability to react wasn’t working in our last update. In Furoticon Online, you can react to your opponent’s moves with certain cards and skills of your own! Your reaction resolves before your opponent’s move resolves. (You can react to your own moves, and your opponent can react to their own moves as well. You can also react to reactions! In that case, the most recently played reaction resolves first, then the next, and so on.)

Reacting is mostly working correctly now! Take a look at this screenshot:

Demonstration of reacting

What’s going on here? I entered bed and reacted by using D-snake’s skill.

How can you tell? Look at where it says “Enter Bed” at the top of the screen. That’s the bottom of the reaction chain. I’ve used D-snake’s skill, which appears on top of my choice to enter bed. Now I have to choose who to target. That’s what the list of cards is all about — I have to choose a target that’s in the scene. Each player may react after I choose my target!

In the previous update, most Furres didn’t have their correct fur colors. Now they do! Things are looking good!

The game screen is still missing a lot of vital information, like Furre names and stamina bars. There’s also a few menus where you have to blindly guess what you’re supposed to do. Alterations and skills are still invisible, but will eventually appear as icons next to a Furre. Cards that require you to target something on the couch don’t work — they lock up the game. But most of the gameplay is functional now!

I played through a whole game, testing lots of unusual plays and bringing out a lot of Furres. What I like the most is how the game screen doesn’t get cluttered. Even if you bring out an absurd number of Furres, the bedroom looks very neat:

Displaying many furres
Guys vs. Gals! Can you name them all?

If you can identify most of these characters in this small screenshot, then the art team has done their job correctly! (You might mix up The Hetero and The Gay, but in animated form, you most certainly won’t!)

When you zoom out fully, you’ll see that Havens, Treats, and couches appear as small icons behind the armies of Furres. They’re not as important as Furres, but it’s handy to know what your opponent has.

And that’s about it. Once we fix a number of visual issues and known bugs, we’ll be starting our first closed alpha test with a few hand-picked testers. We’ll probably find hundreds of bugs to fix! I’m excited to see it all finally come together!

Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Further Confusion next weekend!

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Big gameplay update! Lots of pictures!

We have a big update today with lots of restored functionality!

Let’s start a new game. I’ll be playing against myself in this example game. Both of us will be using Male starter decks.

The first thing I see makes me very happy:

Opening Hand
I can see my opening hand!

Not only can I see my opening hand, but the decks are randomized again! I get a different opening hand every time.

I begin the game, and immediately I see lots of improvements:

Bedroom Layout

In the far left of the bedroom scene, you can see a placeholder area for where Havens and Treats will go. Your personal avatar will stand in front of that area. Furres are the most important part of Furoticon, so we’ve reserved the rest of the screen for them!

The turn counter says it’s “Turn 0,” but everything below that is new: there’s a heart icon to mark whose turn it is to act, and everyone’s stamina is displayed in this box.

To the right of that box, you can see that chat is working! You can talk (I said “Toast”) -AND- it describes everything that is happening. We’ll fine-tune what the messages say once everything else is working.

The action bar in the far left shows that I can play Dicks Everywhere, Outer Moorlands, and Moorlands. Let’s play Dicks Everywhere.

Selecting a Home Haven

Wow, look at that! I’m able to pick out any Home Haven from my black book! There’s a bit of a visual error in that the cards don’t disappear when they’re outside the selection box, but I can scroll the list just by moving my mouse to the side. I can click on any Home Haven to take it, or I can click “Force Done” to choose nothing.

Hmm, what happens if I play a Carriage Horse?

Playing Carriage Horse

Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that! Hey there, Carriage Horse! His tail wags and his face animates! That’s really cool! He’s missing all his stat bars, but we’re making progress here!

I’m going to fast-forward a bit to my next turn, and swing with the Carriage Horse. The first thing you do when swinging is choose which opponent you’re swinging at. In a 2-player game, this should just be automatic, but we get this screen:

Choosing the Opponent

That’s a placeholder image for your opponent. I click on it, and the game knows I want to swing at my opponent!

In the action bar, I can click on “Swing: Carriage Horse” to swing with the Carriage Horse. The opposing side has no Furres to put out with, so we’ll skip to giving pleasure to the player!

There’s no visuals for this part, but the chat window shows what happened:

Viewing results of a swing in the chat window

The line “SeppelK swings with” is listed twice, even though I swung with only one Furre. The line that says “Carriage Horse @ ATTACKING –Herm{4}–>>” shows that the game is correctly using Carriage Horse’s highest PE (in this case, Herm is the highest with 4) to give 4 pleasure to the opponent. You can also see to the right-hand side that the opponent’s stamina has dropped to 46 of 50 stamina.
On my next turn, I’m able to refresh my Furres:

Pass or Refresh Dialogue

I don’t like that “Pass” is the first option, since you’ll almost always want to refresh. But I can confirm that both choices work correctly!

Fast forwarding, I’ve played some more Havens, and I gave my opponent a chance to get some Furres into the scene.

Let’s try an Action card now. Bury the Bone gives a Furre +5 to Male and Female PE:

Playing an Action on a Furre

Uh oh, we have a problem here. It’s only letting me target my own Furre. 99% of the time, I will only want to target my own Furre, but I should be able to make sub-optimal choices. There’s also no way to distinguish which Furre is which yet, in the case of duplicate Furres entering the scene. (If my opponent also had a Carriage Horse, I wouldn’t know which one I was targeting!)

I swing with the Carriage Horse (now that he’s got his bone going) and I let the pleasure go through to the opponent. Bury the Bone is functioning correctly:

Result of applying Bury the Bone to Carriage Horse

The opponent isn’t getting hit with 4 pleasure from the Herm PE; this time, we’re giving 8 pleasure from the Male PE!

Now I want to test if the PE bonus is going away on the next turn. I also want to test Furre-on-Furre pleasure. My opponent and I both have Carriage Horses in the scene now, so I’m swinging with mine, and my opponent puts out with his.

Effects of Bury the Bone disappear the next turn

The “defending” Carriage Horse gives 3 pleasure to the “attacking” Carriage Horse, and vice versa! Looks like everything works just fine!

…almost. I entered bed with the Carriage Horses again to see what happens when they orgasm. At first, it looked like nothing happened, but things were happening behind the scenes. Both Carriage Horses went to the couch — but the game does’t visually display that fact.

Let’s try drawing past our maximum hand, and being forced to discard.

Discarding a card
The Hetero and The Gay have their avatars, but their colors haven’t been set yet.

We have another problem, but it’s not a very obvious problem: instead of discarding at end of turn, you can discard at any time, as long as you have more cards than your maximum. This causes some subtle but exploitable effects on gameplay that are too techincal to describe here.

Here’s another oddity, this time, when I play Thrust:

Viewing valid targets for Thrust

I should be able to target any opponent or any Furre (even my own — hitting my own Furres with Thrust usually isn’t a good play, but there are some corner cases when it would be to my benefit). However, in the picture above, I’m only able to target my opponent or his Furre.

Let’s take a look at how the game has progressed!

Multiple Furres on the field
Furres everywhere! Some are still waiting on their correct colors.


Now, let’s have an epic dick-orgy!

Swinging with five Furres
I’m going to swing with all my Furres!

Let’s swing with 5 Furres! Our opponent puts out with 2 Furres. This means our opponent should be able to choose 2 of my 5 Furres to give pleasure to:

Choosing who to pleasure

Here’s where things get confusing. You click on which Furres you want to pleasure, but nothing seems to happen. However, things ARE happening! The most recent two Furres that you clicked on are the ones you’ve chosen. You have to click “Force Done” in the bottom left corner to finalize your selection.

Let’s see what happened! There’s no visual change in the bedroom scene, but we can figure out what happened thanks to the chat window:

Result of the bed step

There’s more text than that, but the bed step looks like it’s working properly!

I also played Moneymoon (gives all my Male Furres +5 Max stamina), and it worked correctly.

Let’s finish up this game and see if winning a game works correctly!

The Opponent wins

The opponent won! The game doesn’t let you know that the game is over, but you can’t click on anything any more. Even “Force Done” won’t do anything. So we just have to assume the game is over!

The developers have made a lot of progress! Aside from a few game-breaking bugs, most of the work that remains is in making the visuals behave correctly. After that, all they need to do is make the shop, so players can get their cards and customize their avatars!

So, that’s it for today! Did I forget anything regarding gameplay? Is there anything you’d like me to test next time? Respond in the comments!

Thank you all for your support!

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Functional Gameplay

Today I received a build of Furoticon Online that has functional gameplay. Let’s do our update!

We’ve taken a few steps backwards as far as functionality is concerned, but at least I can provide you with screenshots! Let’s take a look at what you first see when starting a game:

Starting a game in Furoticon Online
Card images have not been added to this screen, but you do have an opening hand.

I know what cards I have in hand because the system is forgotting to shuffle decks at the beginning of a game, which leaves me with the same opening hand every game. This means I know taking a mulligan works correctly, because choosing that option gives me a new hand of cards!

In this example game, I’m playing a 2-player game against myself. Therefore, I’ve opened two gameplay windows, one for each “player.” I click “Keep” on both gameplay windows, and the game begins.

There’s currently no visuals for any part of the game scene. Chat functionality isn’t restored either. So we’re going to depend on the action box in the bottom-left corner. It shows all the actions we can take!

Furoticon Cards Available for Play

I’ve drawn an extra card in this screenshot. This may seem a little confusing at first, but ignore the numbers to the left (they’re only for the developers to debug stuff). What’s important is that I have a hand with 2 Sweet Sues, a Field, an Inner Forests, 2 Troubled Tigers, and a Mound. The game has helpfully highlighted the cards we can play, given our current Action Points (AP) and Gender Points (GP).

In this next screenshot, I’ve played the Inner Forests and it’s my next turn. In Furoticon, you have three steps – Refill, Refresh, and Main – and when you play any sort of Haven card, that resource isn’t available to you until your following Refill step:

Available Haven after Refill Step

The system has accurately given me 2 GP to go along with my 10 AP! I can now play either of my Sweet Sue cards (notice that they’ve been highlighted). (The devs have intentionally left Inner Forests on the list for debug purposes.)

Playing Sweet Sue

I played one Sweet Sue for 4 AP and 1 GP! This was still during my turn, so you can see that my AP and GP have been used up appropriately.

Then I played another Sweet Sue with my remaining resources, and passed my turns back to myself. I decided to swing with both of my Sweet Sues, but I ran into a problem:


A box appeared on top of the background, and beneath the UI! I’m assuming this was a box where I’d choose which Furres to swing with, but it appears to have not been updated with the new graphics yet. I can’t click anything so I’m stuck on this step.

Thankfully, the developers have a debug option to save me: “Force Done” (found at the bottom of the card list on the left-hand side).

I clicked it, then passed turns back and forth to try something different, but then I got an unexpected end-of-game notification:


That’s not correct! A draw should only occur if ALL players have no activity for 3 turns. In this test game, I only had no activity on one side. Bug report!

I then tried another game, but it quickly got locked up when I was forced to discard at the end of my turn:

Locked Up!

Not that box again! Bug report!

And that’s as far as I can get in gameplay right now. I hope this illustrates why we aren’t ready to provide an “early access” version of the game. The development team is working very hard to correct these issues. Avatar, card images, and bedroom scenes are also being added!

I hope to be able to show you much more next week!